Hagemeyer Award Honorees

The Richard H. Hagemeyer Educational Advancement Award recognizes a former CPCC student who has significantly benefited from experiences at the College and whose efforts have helped the community.

The award is named after Dr. Richard H. Hagemeyer, CPCC president for 23 years, who led the College from a trade school with 1,200 students to the state's largest community college.

    2017Dr. Chris Dula 2016Larry Kluttz 2015Joe Vagnone
2014Paula Vincent 2013Alain S. Miatudila 2012David Howard  2011James E. Rogers 2010James Taylor, Jr.
2009Fabi Preslar 2008Cindy Castano 2007Stanley Law 2006Richard Zollinger 2005Frances Queen
2004Chief Luther Fincher 2004Dr. Kenny Welch 2003Joseph A. Weatherford 2002James White 2001Paul G. Griffin
2000Dr. Margaret Stanley Hagan 1999James Pendergraph 1998Ronald Caldwell 1997Gary Mims 1996Elaine M. Lyerly
1995Donna Kay Hager Bracey, DDS 1994George R. Dunlap 1993Kim Morgan Greene 1992William M. Maples 1991Harold Walker
1990James W. Bogan 1989George M. Blakely 1988Thelma D. Freeze 1987Clifton H. Hammond 1986Samuel H. Killman
1985Phillip L. Gaddy 1984Stephanie Webster Harris 1983Les J. Reid 1982John H. White 1981Cynthia Young Hutchins
1980Steve Stillwell 1979Henrietta S. Humphries 1978Dona Patterson 1977Robert T. Knox 1976James A. Leventis, M.D.
1975Gregory Davis 1974Maurice D. Ewing 1973Bessie B. Weldon