Campus Awards

Campus Awards

Five awards are presented each year.

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Campus Percentage Participation Award recognizes the campus with the highest percentage of employees participating in the Family Campaign.

Increased Participation Award honors the campus that shows the greatest increase in employee participation.

Campus Per-capita Giving Award goes to the campus with the highest average gift per employee.

Greatest Increase in Per-capita Giving Award recognizes the campus with the greatest increase in average gift per employee.

Increase in Total Giving Award celebrates the campus that has the largest increase in giving the Family Campaign.

Past Winners

Year Participation Per-Capita Total Giving
2008-2009 Merancas   NA   Central
2009-2010 Harris   NA   Central
2010-2011 Harris   Central   Central
2011-2012 Harris   Central   Central
Year Participation       Participation Increase Per-Capita Greatest Increase
Total Giving
2012-2013 Harris Merancas Central Harris Harper
2013-2014 City View Center
Merancas Central Levine Levine
2014-2015 City View Center
WTVI Central Central Central
2015-2016   Merancas Central Harper Central

City View Center

Harper Central Central Cato
2017-2018 WTVI   Central Harris Levine