Central Piedmont and the impact of COVID-19

Central Piedmont Emergency Fund--Challenge Gift

March 30, 2020

Dear Friends of Central Piedmont:

I hope this message finds you and your families well.  As we all work to navigate these incredibly challenging times, I'm writing to share some very welcome news for our College community.  An anonymous donor has made a very generous, timely commitment that will match all gifts to our Emergency Fund on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $100,000.  This amazing gift and your response will better enable us to respond to the evolving and  growing needs of students, faculty, and staff caused by the pandemic and resulting circumstances.  These needs include access to the technology needed for remote learning and scholarships for tuition and books, as well as resources for food, housing, and medical care.  You can make a gift to the Emergency Fund by going to cpccfoundation.org/donation.

I hope you will join the donors who supported the Emergency Fund to date by making your gift at cpccfoundation.org/donation.  Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the fund to date and to all of you who will do so in the coming days.  Your support for the Central Piedmont family will be of enormous assistance as we work together to meet this unprecedented situation.  Take good care and stay safe.

Kandi W. Deitemeyer, Ed.D.
President, Central Piedmont Community College

A Message from the President of Central Piedmont

March 23, 2020

Dear Friends:

I hope you and your families are well in these unprecedented, uncertain times. As our community pulls together to battle the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, Central Piedmont Community College is working hard to protect the health and safety of our students and employees. We have suspended all in-person instruction and are offering all courses possible in an online format. All employees, other than those performing essential functions, are working remotely.

In this period of transition and insecurity, those economically-vulnerable and insecure members of our College family require support and assistance to a degree never before experienced. Gifts to respond to their needs will be much appreciated and incredibly impactful at this critical juncture.

The fragile financial status of many of our students is being exacerbated by current circumstances, and an increasing number of our students are finding themselves in crisis. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of all community college students in the U.S. faced housing and food insecurities, and more than 15 percent were homeless. At Central Piedmont, more than 70 percent of our students work one or more jobs to make ends meet. Many of these full- and part-time jobs are gone now for an undetermined amount of time. During this period, many of these students and their families will face severe financial hardships.

The immediate, pressing challenges faced by Central Piedmont students include access to:
  • Technology--The vast majority of our students do not have a personal computer; a cell phone is their only from of technology. These students will be challenged to complete course work in our current distance-learning environment without a laptop computer and access to internet service. Additional resources will enable the college to secure sufficient numbers of computers and WiFi hotspots for students
  • Scholarships--Faced with unemployment, increasing numbers of students no longer have the resources they counted on for tuition and books. With most federal financial aid already committed for the semester, donor gifts are crucial to addressing these unexpected and increasing scholarship needs.
  • Emergency Funds--With the loss of employment and access to support services, students will face unanticipated challenges and expenses. The existing student Emergency Fund will see increased requests for help to address medical, transportation, housing, and food-related needs, among others.  
As our students struggle to surmount new obstacles to continuing their educations and pursuing family-sustaining careers, your support of the College and its mission is as important now as at any time in our history. If you are able, please consider a gift to support our needy students to enable them to continue on their educational and career paths.

In addition, we have already heard some of our employees are experiencing challenges and economic distress related to healthcare, technology, and childcare. We are working to establish an emergency grant fund to aid employees who are most in need. Gifts can be designated to this fund as well as student needs.

Thank you for your consideration and for all you have done and will do for Central Piedmont. Again, I hope you will be able to make a gift to address the needs that continue to grow on a daily basis. Please take care. Stay well and safe.

Kandi W. Deitemeyer, Ed.D.
President, Central Piedmont Community College

How You Can Help

Give online at cpccfoundation.org/donation,
or via mail addressed to
Central Piedmont Community College Foundation,
PO Box 35009, Charlotte, NC 28235.


Questions may be directed to 704.330.6869 or info@cpccfoundation.org.