What Instructor had the greatest impact on you while you were at CPCC?

We have been posting this question on the CPCC LinkedIn Alumni Group and have received some wonderful responses. Here's one that was recently posted:

I had so many wonderful instructors at CPCC. I went there (on and off) from 1999 to 2007. I really enjoyed two of my Spanish instructors: Honore Misshoun (I know I butchered the name, sorry) and Jorge Kochoi ("Coqui")- they were great. I also enjoyed Mike Albanese for College Algebra. He was as serious as a heart attack, but a great instructor if you gave it your all in class. I also had Elizabeth Mitchell for Biology and she was really wonderful. Amy Mabery (for Public Speaking) was excellent (and very much missed). Zack Hall was a great instructor for Geology, even if I absolutely hated the material. My first class ever at CPCC was a U.S. History class with Kent Cashion (IIRC) and he was really great. Anthony Bass for Abnormal Psych (1999) was extremely awesome- he truly is a wonderful instructor and compassionate human being. Margret Austin (who is connected on my LinkedIn) was also an excellent instructor, though I took her class online. Savannah Clay was also very good, though she taught me in a telecourse. I also loved the older instructor who taught NC History via telecourse- never met him, but I always wanted to do so.

I really can't think of any "bad" instructors that I had at CPCC. Maybe a few adjuncts in the business department back in 1999... overall, though, my experience with CPCC was awesome and I am proud to have went there. (I met my wife at CPCC and tomorrow is our 6th Anniversary).

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CPCC Completes $25M Classroom Building

Central Piedmont Community College marked the completion of its newest classroom building with a time capsule to be opened in 2038.

The Charlotte community college hosted a ceremony Friday to place the time capsule in the new Elizabeth Classroom Building and showcase the facility.

The $25 million, 106,000-square-foot building is on CPCC's Central Campus.

"It is providing much needed classroom space," college spokesman Jeff Lowrance says. Read more

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