Central Piedmont Community College Honored with Proclamation from Huntersville Mayor

Central Piedmont Community College, one of the largest colleges in the Carolinas, celebrated its 60th anniversary on September 18, 2023. In recognition of this significant milestone, Mayor Melinda Bales of Huntersville, North Carolina, has proclaimed September 18, 2023, as "Central Piedmont Community College Day."

"Central Piedmont Community College is our community's first stop for postsecondary education and workforce training," Mayor Bales stated in the proclamation. "Central Piedmont has provided 60 years of service, connecting the past, present, and future for this community," she added.

About Central Piedmont Community College

Founded on September 18, 1963, Central Piedmont Community College serves more than 43,600 students across six campuses in Mecklenburg County, including the Merancas Campus in Huntersville, which has been operational since 1990. The institution offers various skill courses, continuing education, and for-credit programs.

A Vital Role in Higher Education

Central Piedmont Community College plays an essential role in the regional higher education landscape, offering an outstanding education to citizens. The institution encourages civic engagement among its students, faculty, and staff. 

Proclamation Highlights

The proclamation signed by Mayor Bales highlights several important aspects of the college's 60-year history, including:

  • Its role as a critical provider of postsecondary education and workforce training
  • The impact of the Merancas Campus in Huntersville since 1990
  • The college's efforts in connecting the past, present, and future of the community

"We're deeply honored by Mayor Bales' proclamation and grateful for the continued support of the Huntersville community," said Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer, President of Central Piedmont Community College. "This is a milestone not just for us but for everyone who has been a part of the college's history. We look forward to many more years of service and community impact."

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