Kait Hruska
Headshot of Central Piedmont Student Kait Hruska

Kait Hruska, a Cleveland, Ohio, native, is currently studying interpreter education at Central Piedmont and anticipates graduating in May 2025.
As a Central Piedmont student, Kait is determined to connect with her peers and be as involved as she can be in campus life. That's why she decided to participate in the Student Ambassador Program, which allows students to develop their leadership skills while making a positive impact on Central Piedmont and beyond.
"Becoming a Student Ambassador has been the best decision I've ever made," explains Kait. "It has allowed me to meet so many of my peers and staff members. I value the relationships I've made each semester and look forward to learning more about others in the college community in the near future."
In the interim, Kait's looking forward to applying the leadership skills she's building as an ambassador in her future professional career as an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter.
"I have always been interested in ASL and I regretted not pursuing it more during my time as an undergrad," says Kait. "Central Piedmont is the only school in Charlotte or the surrounding areas with an Interpreter Education program. As a result, the decision on which college to attend was an easy for me. I've also enjoyed its close proximity to my home. The commute to and from class is extremely convenient. Less time in the car is more time I can spend studying if needed."
Although Kait is a bit unclear on how she intends to incorporate her ASL studies into her final career path, she is clear on how Central Piedmont has helped get where she is today. "Central Piedmont's Single Stop program helped me financially my first semester at college," she explains. "If it wasn't for the resources they helped me identify, I wouldn't have been able to attend and pursue my career aspirations in ASL. I'm just so grateful to the college and all of the support services it provides. Central Piedmont has been a game-changer."