Scholarship FAQ

The following are frequently asked questions related to the Central Piedmont Foundation's scholarship portal for new and current Central Piedmont students. Students can log into the portal here:

When can I begin applying for scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year?

The scholarship application for the 2023-2024 academic year opens on November 14, 2022. All students must submit a new application to be considered for a scholarship.

Do I have to complete the General Application every year?

Yes, all Central Piedmont students must submit a new scholarship application every year.

When is the application deadline?

If you wish to apply for scholarship assistance for Spring 2023 or Summer 2023 terms, please submit an application by December 15, 2022. For priority consideration for academic year 2023-2024, submit your application by March 1, 2023. The final deadline for scholarship applications is August 31, 2023. We encourage you to apply early for the best chance of securing assistance.

What if I miss the priority date? Will I still be considered?

We will begin awarding scholarship funds on March 2, 2023 after the priority deadline. If you miss the priority deadline, you will still be considered for scholarships that have funds available, if you are a qualified applicant. We encourage you to apply early for the best chance of receiving assistance.

There are numerous Central Piedmont Scholarships. Do I have to apply for each scholarship individually?

You do not have to apply to all scholarships individually. Many of our scholarships are auto-match, which means that if your answers on the General Application (program, GPA, high school details, or other questions) meet the scholarship criteria, our system will automatically submit your application for those scholarships. However, there are some apply-to scholarships which require you to submit additional information not listed in the General Application (answer extra questions, write short essays, provide letters of recommendation, etc.). When you submit your General Application, the system will recommend additional scholarships. Select the scholarship listed, answer the additional questions, and click Apply to be considered for Recommended Opportunities that appear in your account.

Do I have to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in order to be considered for a scholarship?

Not all scholarships require a completed FAFSA to qualify. However, some scholarships do require it. We recommend that you complete a FAFSA as it can identify additional financial assistance that may be available to you. Please note that you can still be selected to receive a scholarship if you are a recipient of a Pell Grant. In most cases, scholarship funds are only available for tuition, fees, and books, while Pell Grant funds can be used for living expenses during your time as a student.

Do I need to save my application as I work on it?

Yes, please save periodically using the Save and Keep Editing button at the bottom of the application. Once you click Save and Keep Editing, you can continue working on the application, or you can exit the scholarship portal and login later to finish your application. Please note that the scholarship portal will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity, so saving frequently is recommended.

What factors are considered for scholarship eligibility?

While each scholarship criteria is different, we review your program and enrollment, GPA, community service, educational goals, financial need, and answers to any essay questions. Some scholarships also require information about where you live and where you went to high school.

I completed my General Application, but now see a section called "Other Recommended Opportunities. What are these scholarships?

Recommended Opportunities are scholarships that you may be eligible for but that require some additional information to be considered. Click on the scholarship name to review the description and supplemental questions. Click Apply to submit your answers to those questions.

After I submit my application, can I make changes to it?

Yes, you can update and re-submit your application. We do recommend making every effort to make sure your information is accurate when you first submit. 

How will I know if my application was received?

You will receive an automatic confirmation email from the scholarship portal system once you have submitted your General Application, the Veterans Application, and any specific apply-to scholarship applications.

When will I be notified if I am selected for a scholarship?

Notifications for Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 scholarships will begin in January. Notifications for academic year 2023-2024 will begin in March and conclude in August 2023.

What happens after I accept my scholarship offer?

Please allow 48 business hours for the Financial Aid process to update and reflect your scholarship in your MyCollege account under Student Finance - Financial Aid. Please note that the college is not open on the weekend.

What expenses will scholarship funds cover?

Most Central Piedmont Foundation scholarships cover tuition, fees, and books related to your enrolled courses of study. Any scholarship that provides additional financial assistance will be listed in the scholarship description.

If I receive Pell, may I apply for a Central Piedmont Foundation Scholarship as well? 

Yes. Receiving a Pell Grant does not disqualify you from receiving a Foundation scholarship. In most cases, scholarship funds are available only for tuition, fees, and books, but Pell Grant funds can be used for living expenses during your time as a student. We encourage you to apply for Foundation scholarships even if you have received Pell.

I have additional questions about the application or a scholarship. Who should I ask?

You can direct any questions related to scholarships or the scholarship application to