Cynthia YeagerCynthia Yeager

Associate in Arts, July 2015
Associate in Applied Sciences - Business Administration, May 2017
Received a Levine Scholarship in Summer 2015

When Cynthia Yeager was in grade school, she had an Egyptian history project and asked her father for assistance.  Together they made an Egyptian-style dress that one of her friends wore while Cynthia gave her presentation.  It was that moment in time that ignited her career ambition.

"This was the point in my life as well as sewing clothing and quilts with my grandmother that I knew I was meant to work in the fashion sector.  My plan is to work for a reputable fashion company and gain knowledge.  One day I will own and operate a dress boutique and hopefully expand to other avenues in fashion."

Cynthia was already enrolled as student at Central Piedmont pursuing an Associate in Arts degree when she discovered she needed a majority of business classes for her next endeavor a B.A. in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing.  She made the decision to pursue an Associate in Business Administration degree in addition to the Associate in Arts degree.

The choices she has made have produced fine results and have lead to life-changing experiences.  Cynthia was selected for a summer internship with TJ MAXX Distribution Center. She was one of six students chosen to go on the first ASB (Alternative Spring Break) trip to Kingston, Jamaica, and she studied abroad in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand for a INT (International Business) 180 class.  "I am so thrilled and excited to be a part of this educational institution of higher learning.  There is so much that this college has to offer that it would be a shame for any student to miss out on the experiences that await them."