Advertising + Graphic Design Portfolio Show

69 days left
69 days left
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The Central Piedmont Advertising+Graphic Design portfolio class comprises 6 students who are excited to present our work and share how we have grown as designers and people.

The Project
Our class is raising money to help fund our graduation portfolio show this fall. This event allows us to promote our work to industry professionals and other potential employers and celebrate our educational accomplishments. It is the best way to demonstrate our capabilities and will likely lead to future opportunities. We can also show our families, friends, and community what we've worked towards during all those long hours and late nights.

The Impact
The Portfolio Show will help us to connect with professionals in our desired field within the surrounding areas, while also encouraging current and future students to pursue or continue their education in the Advertising + Graphic Design program.

What Donations Will Do
Donations will help provide funding for us to make our portfolio show a reality and will fund the expenses needed for our show. The largest amount of our funds will go towards a venue space, and the catering needed for the show. The remaining amount will go towards invitations and other promotional materials and branding needed for promoting and producing the show. Any remaining funds will be passed down to the next portfolio class.

Call to Action
We invite you to make a donation and appreciate any contribution no matter the size that will help us to achieve our goals. Please consider sharing this link with others through your social platforms to better promote our event. Your contribution will help with event space, personal portfolios, and it will bring us one step closer to our future. Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to seeing you at our event.