Advertising + Graphic Design Portfolio Show

70 days left
70 days left
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Fall 2022 Advertising + Graphic Design Portfolio ClassWho We Are
We are the Fall 2022 Advertising + Graphic Design Portfolio Class. Our group of 13 soon-to-be graduates will illustrate our artistic and professional growth by creating varying exhibits to showcase our work to the Charlotte business community, our family, and our friends.

The Project
We aim to host a show that will showcase us individually and as a whole, so we can promote ourselves as design professionals. The concept of this portfolio show is to demonstrate our development as designers through the program at Central Piedmont by taking our guests on a visual journey. Guests will start by being introduced to our personal styles within the space we create at the event. The journey will continue by showcasing previous projects we have done from the beginning of our career and refining them with the knowledge and skills we have obtained through our curriculum. One of the last things our guests will experience is viewing our portfolios that contain the work we are most interested in continuing to pursue in the future.

The Impact

This show will allow us to grow into our styles and promote our work to industry professionals and potential employers. We also want to take the time to share the results of our hard work with our family and friends.

What Donations Will Do

Donations will help provide funding for us to take our concept into reality. We will host a show in person to present our hard work in real-time. With the funds we raise, we will be able to afford a venue space, the presentations of our work, and amenities for our guests.

Call to Action
We appreciate any donation, no matter the size, that will help us to achieve our goals. We understand that budgets may be tight at this time; please consider sharing this link with others through your social platforms to better promote our event. Your contribution will help with event space, personal portfolios, bringing us one step closer to our future. Thank you for your time and consideration.