Advertising + Graphic Design Portfolio Show

13 days left
13 days left
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masked designers advertising + graphic design portfolio show 2021
Who We Are

As Spring 2021 graduates, we represent the newest Graphic Design professionals in the Advertising and Graphic Design program at Central Piedmont Community College. As graphic designers, we solve design problems for our clients and communities by integrating pleasing on-trend design aesthetics with function and accessibility.

The Project
The goal of our project is to amplify our portfolios to the Charlotte community and beyond through a website highlighting our work. We want to encourage prospective clients and employers to view and contact us for engagement and for potential employment. Additionally, we aim to foster and build relationships within our college and the community. The concept for our 2021 Portfolio Show "Masked Designers" is simple but needed in our current social reality. Through our show, we want to confront the racial and gender prejudice in the job market. We intend to leverage anonymity so that our hard work and talent speak for themselves rather than biases formed by our appearance.

The Impact
By lessening the financial burden, students will have at least one less thing to stress about in these trying times. During this last year, we've overcome many, many obstacles and need help with this last hurdle toward our prospective career path. This project fosters communication and relationship building with Central Piedmont Community College and the community at large, allowing for future events and partnerships.

What Donations Will Do
All of the money being raised will go towards expenses related to our digital Portfolio Show, helping students ease the strain on already struggling finances. To successfully execute the Portfolio Show, we have budgeted a total of $1,200. We plan to allocate the funds as follows:

  • Digital Ads: Since our Portfolio Show is online, we are focusing a large portion of our budget on bringing the traffic to our site through ads, giving us the best opportunity to have the desired impact.
  • Videographer/Photographer: Professionally curated footage and content will showcase our work professional level and ultimately elevate the entire show and perception of the program.
  • Print Posters to Select Employers: To encourage employers to view our site, we plan to use the strategically placed posters to publicize our show at local ad agencies and similar employers.
  • What if there's money left over? All money that is not used in the production and execution of the Portfolio Show will be donated to the Advertising and Graphic Design department to allow for purchasing of educational materials to help those following our footsteps to elevate their education.

Call to Action
We're willing to put in the hard work, but frankly, we need your help to make this happen. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated and has a direct impact on our final student experience, and the opportunity to lift ourselves into careers as design professionals. Please donate using the blue Give button above.