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42 days left
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American Institute of Architecture StudentsWho We Are
We are Central Piedmont's AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) Club which is a nonprofit organization run by students meant to offer skills such as leadership, design, and growth. The club has been dormant for a while, and we are all working really hard to ensure that doesn't happen again. The goal is to get everyone involved and excited about their architectural journey while gaining tons of knowledge along the way!

The Project
We are currently trying to raise money for the club fee, which offers opportunities for growth through the architecture community. We also would like raise funds for to cover fuel costs for our local firm crawls and to help fund winter activities for club meetings.  We have a lot we would like to achieve this year and want to get everyone involved without the stress of money as a deciding factor.

The Impact

Donations will allow us to create events that allow members to learn and network outside of the classroom. Being able to attend events and have fun with your peers is a key factor in helping with productivity, which is ultimately a great stress reliever. It also creates a stronger foundation for students as they progress in their careersDonations can also help us open up events to students who can't spare the club fee of $47.00, which does not go to our chapter's budget but instead goes directly to the national AIAS organization. We don't want that to be something that deters us from creating fun and educational events for willing students!

What Donations Will Do

Donations will help more than words can explain, but we want to encourage students to become more proactive in the architecture community and what better first step than joining AIAS? The club fee is $47.00 per student, and the club's annual payment fee is $140.00. We would like to provide activities such as design competitions, skill workshops, and fundraising events. The remaining funds will help offset miscellaneous expenses like gas for traveling to visit local architecture firms and snacks for meetings.

Call to Action
We would love for anyone to donate what they can to help our club achieve longevity and productivity for not only this year but for years to come. Thank you for your support!