Interior Design Club

87 days left
87 days left
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Who We AreA group of 8 interior design students posing for a picture
We are a diverse group of committed students pursuing education in interior design at Central Piedmont Community College. In order to broaden our horizons and seize opportunities to enrich our educational journey and support each other, we have created the Interior Design Club, an officially recognized student organization. The group of students involved in this particular project are members who have investigated this potential opportunity and feel that it would be beneficial to their future careers in the industry to get the first-hand knowledge and experience it will provide.

The Project

NeoCon is a global expo, founded in 1969, which offers the opportunity to explore new products, innovative technology, educational seminars, and networking events with professionals in or associated with the commercial/contract design industry from all over the world. This June, the Interior Design Club is offering students the chance to travel to Chicago, IL to spend three nights and three days attending NeoCon at theMART!

The Impact
This trip will take our commercial design education that has been mainly in textbooks and online, and turn it into a tangible and in depth learning experience which we can fully engage with all of our senses.

What Donations Will Do
Donations will help offset the burden of the total cost of this trip to the students who may otherwise not have the financial resources to attend and take advantage of the educational and networking opportunities. We are invested in attending this trip and have made monetary and contractual commitments to see this come to fruition. With the funds we raise, we will be able to secure travel arrangements without placing too heavy of a financial burden on any of the students committed to going.

Call to Action
We are extremely grateful for any and all donations no matter how big or how small. Each dollar will help propel us one step closer to our goal of a successful learning experience. It is equally helpful if you can share this fundraiser with others who may be willing and able to donate. Donations will be used to assist with flight costs, hotel accommodations, and transportation while in Chicago. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!